Why Donate to The IYBA PAC Fund?

The IYBA PAC Fund was originally created to help defray the substantial costs associated with the implementation of the $18,000 Sales Tax Cap July 1, 2010. This tax cap has had a significant positive impact in Florida and consequently, the State of Florida has led the way for other coastal states in recognizing that tax caps provide for a favorable environment in which marine industry can prosper. In the state of Florida alone, the recreational marine industry is responsible $23.3 billion in economic impact annually (yes BILLION),supports over 92,000 jobs and 6,100 businesses, large and small (2018 NMMA study).

We believe that IYBA is uniquely suited to assist in the removal of barriers to commerce and most of that work must be accomplished through legislative efforts. In order to accomplish these tasks, significant resources must be allocated to identifying the actual challenges and developing meaningful and bipartisan solutions, and implementing those solutions in an effective and lasting manner.

We ask that you consider contributing to our PAC Fund at renewal time or at any time that you would like to support our efforts. Our goal is always to provide you the members, and our industry as a whole, with an environment that is conducive to professionalism, ethical behavior and prosperity.

Would you like to donate to the IYBA PAC fund?

The Political Action Committee (PAC) Fund is an optional donation which assists the IYBA in financing important Florida State legislation such as the passing of Sales Tax Cap, doubling the 90 day exemption for out the state buyers and defending the Yacht &a& Ship Brokers Act.