Principal Member

First Name: Angela
Last Name: Mavredis
Company Name: Endless Blue Yacht Charters
Type: Charter Member - Active
Licensed Broker: No

For over 20 years we have been providing yacht charters around the world with the single objective of creating unforgettable experiences on our oceans and seas. The sea and vessels have always been the source of connection, communication with other lands. Today in leisure marine travel it continues to connect us to other lands, cultures, people, traditions and continues to offer perspective. The sea reconnects us to ourselves. A yacht charter provides the environment to reconnect with family, to create new unforgettable memories and offer a sense of sanctuary from the fast passed world.

At Endless Blue, we strive to offer more than a vessel to charter but rather a little piece of the culture, philosophy of the destination you have chosen. Together with your crew, you are on a journey. A journey of discovery. A journey of reconnecting. In addition to Endless Blue Private yacht journeys, the company is comprised of two additional sister companies; Blue Life and Synergy Yacht Sales. Through our Blue Life team we offer the mind-body wellness on the water journeys and everything holistic. We create journeys to help our travelers Find Serenity or Reconnect, Rebalance & Renew . Through our Synergy Yacht Sales & Consulting we provide the platform to live the dream and experience yacht ownership or maybe even leave your day job and start your own little charter business and experience the joys of being on the water for a living!