The Florida Yacht and Ship Broker's Act was enacted by state legislators providing for licensure of yacht and ship brokers. This law remained in effect until it was automatically repealed on July 1, 1978, pursuant to the Sunset Act.



Legislation is filed and passed by the House and Senate providing for the registration and licensure of yacht brokerage; however the bill died in the last day of session. Abuse in the deregulated industry is commonplace.

IYBA is founded by a coalition of yacht brokerage business owners in South Florida.



A group of brokers travelled to Tallahassee with the goal of restoring regulation to the industry. On October 1, 1988, new law becomes effective to restore licensure of brokers and salespersons in the marine industry.

Yacht and Brokerage Show moves to its current annual location on Collins Avenue.



Joint Ownership of Yacht and Brokerage Show is formalized with Show Management / Yachting Promotions is formalized in July 1992.

Inaugural Yacht Sales & the Law Seminar held at Northern Trust Bank with 108 people in attendance.



CPYB Program formed as a joint effort of the Yacht Brokers Association of America (YBAA, Annapolis, MD), the International Yacht Brokers Association (IYBA, Ft. Lauderdale, FL) California Yacht Brokers Associate, Ontario Yacht Brokers Association and the Northwest Yacht Brokers Association (NYBA, Seattle, WA).

IYBA Charter Professionals Committee formed to promote a high standard of professionalism among those involved in the charter industry and to provide continuing educational programs. Inaugural Second Wednesday Charter Brokers Open House held.



Inaugural Listing to Closing & the Law Seminar held with 197 people in attendance.

13th Annual Yacht Sales & the Law Seminar held with 198 people in attendance.



Our 90-day removal affidavit was considered for repeal. The IYBA and the MIASF together showed legislators that not only was the provision a huge success, but we also suggested that if 90 days was good, 180 days is better. As a result, an additional 90-day extension of removal was added, allowing boats to stay in Florida up to 180 days tax-free after purchase.

On July 1, 2010, the Sales and Use Tax Cap was capped at $18k maximum which was approved with the lobbying efforts of the IYBA and the MIASF.



The IYBA succeeded in stopping certain Florida legislators from repealing the Yacht & Ship Brokers Act maintaining the consumer protections and professionalism it ensures.

FYBA introduces standardized contracts for the transaction of yacht sales with the help of Alley Maass Rogers Lindsay P.A. and Robert Allen Law. Included are Central Agency Agreement, Purchase and Sale Agreement and other supporting documents to ensure consumer protections and outline recommended business practices.



FYBA begins legislative efforts in Washington DC to change an antiquated law enacted in 1908 and allow foreign built vessels to be offered for sale to U.S residents while in U.S waters This legislation will entice over $2,000,000,000 in foreign flag inventory to American shores.

The Seminar Committee presented the inaugural Yacht Engineering Seminar to 150+ attendees. This seminar was created for brokers and other industry professionals to learn about the products used to design, construct, and improve the products they sell. This seminar brings the total of domestic seminars to 6 per year.



Florida Yacht Brokers Association changes its name to International Yacht Brokers Association in order to better reflect her membership demographic and her position as the largest yacht brokers association in the world.

European Chapter is developed and members from European countries begin to enjoy educational benefits through seminars and networking at events held in Monaco and Italy.



IYBA membership reaches 1500+ members worldwide.

IYBA introduces the ONLY association owned MLS platform to the yacht brokerage community. This service allows members to control their own data and promote their products in ways never before achievable through private enterprise.