100 Reasons To Celebrate - Aquila 36 Sport Power Catamaran Hull #100

CLEARWATER, FL (15 December 2020) – The Aquila team is proud to announce hull number 100 of the Aquila 36 Sport Power Catamaran has rolled off the production line, on its way to its new owner. With so many new features onboard, the Aquila 36 blends plentiful live aboard space and qualities perfect for socializing with rugged strength and control. 

In less than four years, the Aquila 36 Sport's popularity has outpaced industry norms for this size category primarily due to loyal customers and a passionate family of boaters who has trusted Aquila to provide a great time out on the water. Frank Xiong, Executive Director of Zhejiang Sino Eagle Holding Group, answers questions regarding the news. 

Question: What does the significance of Aquila 36 Sport hull number 100 mean to you and your team? 

Answer: Being the second Aquila model to hit hull number 100 production in such a short time period is quite a milestone. It's not only evidence of Aquila's production capability growth but also affirming Aquila's commitment to serving the market and clients with its best products for the enjoyment of a lifetime on the water.  

Question: When did the very first Aquila 36 Sport roll off the production line, and how does reaching number 100 compare to your other models that have reached the number 100 milestone? 

Answer: Hull number one was off the production line in November 2016 and officially launched at the Miami International Boat Show in February 2017. It only took three and a half years to reach hull number 100, which is a lot faster than other models in the range that would typically need about five to six years to reach this milestone. 

Question: Did you expect to sell 100 Aquila 36 Sport Power Catamarans so quickly? 

Answer: We had a strong belief that the Aquila 36 model would sell more than 100 units from day one, but we honestly didn't expect to reach this milestone so quickly. The vessel has so many unique features. This accomplishment confirms the Aquila 36 Sport hit the right spot in the marketplace.

Question: How has Sino Eagle Yacht grown from hull number one to hull number 100, and how do you continually improve? 

Answer: It's been a challenge to get to hull number 100, but our great partnership with MarineMax and outstanding teamwork has made it all possible. Sino Eagle will continue to make its best effort to invest in the team and strengthen our in-house operation with the eventual goal to improve manufacturing efficiency while continuously improving upon our already high level or workmanship and quality.   

Question: What makes Sino Eagle Yachts and Aquila the world leader in power catamarans, and of what are you most proud? 

Answer: We are world leaders in power catamarans because of the commitment and investment from business owners and the innovation and developmental work culture of our research and development team. I'm most proud of the number of Aquila owners we have gained globally over the past eight years since the Aquila brand's establishment. That alone endorses the Aquila vision to bring a unique lifestyle and enjoyment on the water to boating families and people worldwide. 


100 reasons to celebrate! The Aquila team is proud to announce hull number 100 of the Aquila 36 Power Catamaran has rolled off the production line, on its way to its new owner www.youtube.com/watch?v=avizBIVyQOA&feature=emb_title


Aquila 36 Sport Webpage | www.aquilaboats.com/models/sport-power-catamaran/36 

Video Available Here | www.youtube.com/watch?v=avizBIVyQOA&feature=emb_title  

Images Available Here | https://aquila.smugmug.com/A36S 


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Article Author: Lisa Harrison