Aquila's Multicultural Appeal

CLEARWATER, FL (June 15, 2020) – Aquila enjoys remarkable global appeal with its growing line of exclusively power catamarans. The rapidly expanding product line will grow to include two new larger vessels very soon. The new 54 and 70 are close to launching for their validation stage and planned to debut in the US market late this year. 

"This success is driven by a strong network of dealers and enthusiastic customers from around the globe," Dave Bigge VP of International Sales stated. "Listening and learning from them helps us stay on target with our offerings despite the many cultural and boating styles we serve worldwide." 

Aquila recently launched a series of dealer profile interviews filmed exclusively in the country's language for which the dealer represents. The educational 20 to 30-minute interviews are airing on YouTube, Facebook, and other social platforms. These interviews bring Aquila closer to their markets and allow them to relate more intimately. 

Bigge continues, "it is amazing to see how many viewers and how much engagement we have had from each country and dealer interviewed. Mexico, Australia, and Spain were our first group of interviews, and we intend to continue with other great dealers around the globe."

Response from Jorge Moreno, CEO of Yacht Cancun, featured guest on the May 29th episode, "The interviews went well. We have a lot of "likes," and we are generating a lot of interest in catamarans with the public." 

In today's connected world, bringing dealers and brands to the market digitally in a familiar language is paying big dividends for Aquila. Check out the interviews on Aquila's YouTube or Facebook page. 


Aquila enjoys remarkable global appeal with its growing line of exclusively power catamarans. Dealer profile interviews filmed solely in the language of the country for which the dealer represents now available on YouTube and Facebook


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Article Author: Yvan Eymieu