New Aquila USA Brand Manager Appointed

CLEARWATER, FL (August 25, 2020) – Aquila Power Catamarans, a globally recognized brand, recently announced the addition of a new team member. Alain Raas will head up company development as USA Brand Manager for domestic operations. 


Dave Bigge, Vice President of Aquila International Sales, comments, "We welcome Alain Raas to the family as the Aquila Brand Manager for the United States. Alain has a rich history of boating worldwide, including global competitive sailing and managing a small charter operation in Charleston, SC, while attending college. His previous roles have provided organizational, political, technical, and project management challenges, which all strengthened his ability to provide leadership, structure, and support to the rapidly growing Aquila brand." 


If the last name Raas sounds familiar, it's for a reason. Alain has a built-in familiarity with the Aquila brand due to his father, Lex Raas' tremendous dedication to the brand. Lex is a highly experienced boat developer and charter industry veteran. His most recent contributions to the brand include the development of the Aquila Hydro Glide Foil System™ on the Aquila 36, which enhances performance, consumption, and handling of the already spectacular power catamaran. Alain has the benefit of understanding Aquila's history, development, vision, and challenges that will give him wisdom and knowledge faster and more intimately than had he not had this connection. 


Alain Raas comments, "being around boats since birth allows a unique understanding of the boating lifestyle. And I have been lucky enough to experience that lifestyle throughout the world. I am thrilled to join the Aquila team and look forward to contributing to the brand's already stellar performance." 


Alain will operate from Aquila’s Marketing offices in Clearwater, FL, and report to Dave Bigge, Vice President of Aquila International Sales. Aquila expects to launch two new models this year, with a potential third on the way. For more information about Aquila, visit


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Article Author: Lisa Harrison