TowBoatUS Islamorada Takes Tower of the Year Honors at BoatUS Towing Services Conference

TowBoatUS Islamorada Takes Tower of the Year Honors at

BoatUS Towing Services Conference

ISLAMORADA, Fla., May 7, 2020 – A local business that helps boaters with routine on water assistance was recognized for its professionalism at the 2020 BoatUS Towing Services Annual Conference held in Orlando, Florida. TowBoatUS Islamorada, which is owned and operated by Capt. Carlos Galindo and Ilene Perez, took “Tower of the Year” honors besting more than 100 TowBoatUS companies.

Upon receiving the honor Ms. Perez said, “A deeply grateful ‘thank you’ to our BoatUS members, without whom this would not be possible, and to our TowBoatUS family whose encouragement and support keep us afloat everyday. A special heart-filled thanks to the former company owners, Capt. Barrie Pierce McCune and Capt. Diana McCune, for trusting us with TowBoatUS Islamorada. The day we closed the sale of the business we made a promise to keep your legacy going. This award is in your honor!”

The company’s red towing response vessels are a familiar sight in the Florida Keys. TowBoatUS Islamorada provides assistance to recreational boats that break down, run aground, run out of fuel, or need a battery jumpstart. The award acknowledges the company for its near-perfect 24-hour towing dispatch operation, superior customer service and satisfaction, towing case management, and its work in the local boating community.

Capt. Galindo is originally from Cuba while Ms. Perez hails from Miami. “Carlos and Ilene are living the American dream,” said BoatUS Vice President of Towing Services John Condon. “Their bilingual language skills and their reputation for prompt, professional, and friendly service at any hour of the day or night have made them a lot of friends in the Keys.”

The company has three response vessels, from 24- to 31-feet, stationed at Plantation Yacht Harbor Marina and IslaMarina across from the US Coast Guard station, ready to go at a moment’s notice to assist boaters. Much like an auto club for recreational boaters, TowBoatUS Islamorada is part of a nationwide network that annually responds to more than 70,000 requests for routine on-water assistance.

TowBoatUS Islamorada can be hailed on VHF channel 16, by calling the company directly at 305-852-6451, by phoning the BoatUS toll-free 24/7 Dispatch Center at 800-391-4869, or via smartphone using the free BoatUS App.


Article Author: Scott Croft