Tuzla Boat Show Completed

Event Information:

  • 03-07-2020 10:00 AM 07:00 PM Saturday
  • 03-08-2020 10:00 AM 07:00 PM Sunday
  • 03-09-2020 10:00 AM 07:00 PM Monday
  • 03-10-2020 10:00 AM 07:00 PM Tuesday
  • 03-11-2020 10:00 AM 07:00 PM Wednesday
  • 03-12-2020 10:00 AM 07:00 PM Thursday
  • 03-13-2020 10:00 AM 07:00 PM Friday
  • 03-14-2020 10:00 AM 07:00 PM Saturday
  • 03-15-2020 10:00 AM 07:00 PM Sunday

Turkey's growth momentum among the highest in the industry are taking place at Fair Industry. Via Properties, which has achieved a serious success in the marina sector's Viaport Marina, has decided to carry this success to the Boat Show Organization, another favorite of the maritime industry, with Via Fuarcılık. Via Fuarcılık has entered the fair sector as the only fair company to exhibit in its own marina. Via Properties by identifying the needs of the sector in order to create solutions to these needs with the organizational structure of the first Boat Show, as Expomaritt Exposhipping Shipbuilding Turkey's single which will organize fairs in the sector. Via its powerful team of experienced and successful names in the exhibition and maritime sector, Via Fuarcılık has made a fast and effective entry into the sector.