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Last Name First Name Company Class Type
Pace Kaisa Hill Robinson International Charter
Pacheco Gabriel Plantation Boat Mart Brokerage
Paige Colleen Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc.
Painter Janice All Yacht Registries, Inc. Documentation/Registration Principal Member
Palazzo Steve Denison Yacht Sales, Inc. Brokerage
Papadopoulos Christina Absolute Yachting Charter Principal Member
Parker Brad Web and Tech Principal Member
Parker DJ Neptune Group Yachting, Inc. Brokerage Principal Member
Parker Bobby Denison Yacht Sales, Inc. Brokerage Principal Member
Parkinson Chris Peters & May USA Inc Yacht Transportation
Parry John HMY Yacht Sales, Inc. Brokerage
Parton Malcolm Maritime Marine, Inc. Yacht Services Principal Member
Patrick Hugh The CKIM Group, Inc. Principal Member
Peacock Estelle Michael Rybovich & Sons Yacht Sales 3
Peck Mark Peck Yachts, LLC Brokerage Principal Member
Pell Kelly iCandy Inc. Yacht Services
Pelletier Paul Yacht Tech Sales Brokerage
Pellicci Dennis Gulf Coast Boat Sales & Yacht Management 14 Principal Member
Penix James Sovereign Marine Group Brokerage
Pennekamp Michael Fowler White Burnett, P.A. Attorney Principal Member
Penny Martin Hill Dickinson
Pereiro Alejandra Kinetic Yachts
Perera Ismael Apex Marine Sales Brokerage Principal Member
Perez Manuel Harper Meyer Attorney
Perez Jose Brokerage
Perez Sol Yacht Consulting Group, Corp.
Perfect Keith Northrop and Johnson Yachts-Ships, Inc. Brokerage
Perkins John Wellington Yacht Partners, LLC Brokerage
Perna Lacey TVPX Attorney
Perraton Jessica The Charter Yacht Company Principal Member
Perry Stacy Alley, Maass, Rogers & Lindsay, P.A. Attorney
Perry James Perry & Neblett, P.A. Attorney Principal Member
Persson Jennifer N/A
Pessel Ray Grande Yachts International Brokerage
Peters Pete Eastern Sea Systems, Inc. Brokerage
Peterson Peter Naples Yacht Brokerage Brokerage Principal Member
Peterson John United Yacht Sales of the Carolinas Brokerage CPYB Principal Member
Petrella Vincent YBAA Marine Association
Pexton Pila Merle Wood & Associates, Inc. Charter
Phillips Richard Drop Anchor Yachts Brokerage Principal Member
Phillips Darren MarineMax, Inc. Brokerage
Phinney Yolanda Rick Obey Yacht Sales Brokerage CPYB
Phipps Susan Worth Avenue Yachts LLC Brokerage
Pickover Chuck Rick Obey Yacht Sales Brokerage CPYB
Pierce Jeffrey Windy City Yacht Brokerage, LLC Brokerage Principal Member
Pillsbury IV Franklin MarineMax Brokerage
Pink Helen Worldwide Boat, LLC Charter
Pitasso Eleonora Burgess Brokerage
Pitea Francesco SF Yachts LLC Brokerage
Pitzer Shannon Willis Marine Brokerage
Pizza Veronica Worth Avenue Yachts LLC Brokerage Principal Member
Pliske LeAnn IYC Charter
Pliske Butch World Yacht Survey 10 Principal Member
Plummer Neil MarineMax Brokerage
Plymale Darren Galati Yacht Sales Brokerage
Pokorney Barry Massey Enterprises, Inc. Brokerage
Pomponio Nicholas CSS Platinum Ltd
Pope Nicole Northrop and Johnson Yachts-Ships, Inc. Brokerage
Popovic Kelli Yacht Services Principal Member
Poppe Nancy Willis Marine Insurance Principal Member
Porter Bill Kolisch Marine Insurance, Inc. Insurance
Posey John Total Dollar Yacht Insurance Insurance
Poulos Karen Karen Lynn Interiors, Inc. Yacht Design/Interior Principal Member
Pourgourides Panos Hill Dickinson
Powell Robert United Yacht Sales Vero Beach Brokerage
Powers William 26 North Yacht Sales, Inc. Brokerage
Prado Mike Deangelo Marine Exhaust, Inc. Yacht Suppliers Principal Member
Preston James Sapphire Seas Charter Principal Member
Price Annjanette Westport, L.L.C. Brokerage
Pritchett Melissa Luxury Yacht Group, LLC Brokerage
Prokorym Raymond Worth Avenue Yachts LLC Brokerage CPYB Principal Member
Prudhomm Juno Denison Yacht Sales, Inc.
Pundt Herman Denison Yacht Sales, Inc. Brokerage
Pupillo Milena The Catamaran Company Brokerage
Purcell Philip Indian River Boat Co. Brokerage Principal Member